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RE: YouTube Ranking Mystery... From: Jamie Lin Dear Marketer & Friend, We both know that it all comes down to targeted traffic. The math is easy; you don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to know the rules. No Targeted Traffic = No Rankings = No customers = No Sales Even a six year old kid can understand such a simple formula, so I'm sure that you're smart enough to break it down. Now, if you are sick and tired of all the traffic generation formulas that just rip you off without giving you any REAL return for your investment, you had better listen to this... youtube-marketing2 Yes, It’s not a secret anymore that YouTube brings massive traffic after Google and Facebook. You can also see it for yourself on Alexa.com where they reveal the top 500 website with the highest traffic. This is why many people using YouTube to get traffic. But the problem is, it’s not easy to get traffic from YouTube because of many videos have been uploaded to YouTube, which are 100 videos every minutes! Now let me ask you these:
  • Do you want your video rank on page 1 of Google and YouTube?
  • Do you want to get profitable keywords for your business?
  • Do you want to boost your brand?
If you answer YES for all the above questions, then you’ll wasting your time and your energy doing keyword research manually and found out that what you’re doing is not working. conventional2 The problem is…YouTube is not made to ease their users to get profitable keywords and checking on competitors, in the end you’ll need to spend hours just to get the perfect keywords you want to rank for. This is why after dealing with YouTube in the past two years and four months in testing this brand new methods, I finally found how to get targeted traffic from YouTube without having to spam with many videos. then-i-found2 A formula that I used over and over and get consistent results to get targeted traffic and boost profits without the need for mass uploading, mass downloading and getting my accounts terminated. The good news is, doing this also boost branding which in return have a greater result on profits.

Do you want?

  • Something that gives you recommendation of profitable and easy to rank keywords instantly
  • Something that saves your valuable time when doing keyword research
  • Something that gives you information about competitors and what they are doing
Forget old fashion ways you’ve been using to do keyword research for your YouTube video… introducing2 ss-software

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  • Simple, fast, and powerful Get profitable niche keywords in minutes. Find out what your competitors are doing and dominate their niche!
  • Boost traffic from YouTube You can use the traffic for affiliate marketing, building list, monetize with Adsense, promoting local business, or even selling your own products
  • Save hundreds of research hours You’ll be doing hundreds of hour’s research if you’re doing this manually. It’s better to focus what works well for you, creating video and marketing
  • Use hidden secret to dominate YouTube Fuzzy Logic which the software used is going to help you dominate YouTube by telling you exactly what your competitors are doing best in just seconds.
  • Get keywords missed by your competitors
  • Spy competitors video and get their keywords for your video tags
  • Gauge the keyword strength to help you avoid highly competitive keywords
  • Discover how long your competitors have already on page one and telling you how you can replace their position
  • Get competitors data, on-page and social signal they used
  • Find the perfect title for your video by examining top 10 video on YouTube
  • Find virtually no competition keyword for easy ranking on YouTube
All of these can be done in 10 minutes, not hours! results2
  • 1 video ranked for 10 keywords on Google with millions results
  • Consistently bringing me passive income more than $1,000 per month
  • Building my brand awareness, this is a priceless asset for growing my business
what-you-get its-time And you know it. I see all the YouTube softwares and bots that are being sold here on the internet, and let me tell you... Some of them are pretty good, but most of them simply stink. Not that I want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I truly believe that. You see, I know that you're working hard for your money, and I really think that you should get more for it not wasting it on these kinds of softwares. And we both know that you won't get any impressive results if you'll use these useless softwares and bots. It's obvious that in order to get rank you YouTube videos on the first page of Google and drive quality targeted traffic to your websites...You need Video Niche Finder. testimonials2 testi-vnp007testi-ditatesti-buchintesti-richest

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testi-untungIn less than two days, three of my videos are on first page of Google for 101,000,000 results. Now, it's five of them on first page. testi-untung-serp - Untung Wibowo www.fbadsdomination.net

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testi-susilo In just two days, I managed to get my video to #2 on Google and YouTube - not doing any fancy SEO such as backlinking or paid stuff, the method works. Awesome tool Jamie Lin! testi-susilo-proof - Susilo Bakti Affiliate Marketer

"Amazing Tool"

testi-zainulistYesterday when trying to upload video targeting Malaysian audience, in the late afternoon I checked that it has already on 12nd on YouTube search. Now it's on #9. Amazing tool Jamie Lin. - Zainul Abidin www.tukangfanpage.com

"Massive ROI"

test-shembahA tool is just an instrument for saving time and boosting productivity. If we understand the business model and creative when using the tool, you'll have massive return on investment. Thank you for Jamie Lin for Video Niche Finder, at noon I uploaded 2 videos and they already ranked on top 10 for 3 keywords. - Shembah Bravo Brokerpreneur www.fbdomination.info

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reza-akhmadPlaying around with Video Niche Finder in a couple of days, my video is already on first page of Google already. Thanks for creating such a great tool Jamie. ss-pejwan - Reza Akhmad Offline Marketer

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testi-raemonGetting into YouTube marketing requires high speed internet connection to upload and download videos so better prepare your internet connection because this software will drain your bandwidth fast. This software is lightning fast, you'll get results fast. - Raemon Andreansah Facebook Ads Marketer

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testi-yantoAll of my videos are on first page and second on YouTube in less than 4 days ago! And now, it's already on first page of Google as well. - Yanto Nurdianto Internet Marketer

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The trick works Jamie! In just five hours, my video targeting one keyword is already on first page. - Meizyty Lany www.cantikalami.web.id

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testi-mezzalunaResearching only with Video Niche Finder, in just few hours my video can reach first page. - Mezzaluna Widi www.fanchonis.me

"Dominate YouTube"

testi-yasirliLet's dominate YouTube! I tried your tricks Jamie, there are four videos already on first page. Great job! - Yasirli Amri www.tomatube.com

"Great Way to Make a Decision"

I have most of Jamie's products and I have to say that the software are fast and light in resource. Video Niche Finder is simple and you'll be given level of difficulty so this is a great way to make a decision. If you're doing manually and getting one by one it will definitely waste your time. - Irvan Affiliate Marketer

"Lightweight Software"

testi-iwanss2 As always, Jamie's software always light in resource. I love the lightning fast built-in keyword suggestion tool and the automatic delay on VNF makes it easier to overcome the API limit. Overall, this is a must have software for YouTube marketing. - Iwan Darmawan rumah-it.com

* These testimonials are from real users submitting their experience on Facebook

get-vnfAnd I'm dead serious.... NOW is the time to get rid of all the crap you've been up to, and get this tested, trusted and proven-to-work software. OK, you're probably asking yourself, how much I'm going to charge for this powerful software... As you can see, this kind product can cost around $100, but don't worry... You're not going to pay anything near that. You see, I truly understand that you work hard for your money, and I know that you're afraid that I just might rip you off. But hey, I'm not like everbody else. I'm not here to rip you off, NO WAY!!! I really care about you and your money, and I know that in order to spend money you'd want to earn it first. That's human nature. But I'm sure that you also understand that I can't offer such a powerful software for free... Right? So here's the deal. For a VERY LIMITED time you have access to download the “Video Niche Finder” for a... price-increase go-ahead2 Don’t miss this AWESOME opportunity to rank your each of your YouTube videos at the first page of Google for 10 or more keyword, and drive loads of targeted traffic to your website. Video Niche Finder has helped hundreds of people like you, and I’m sure it will help you as well! You Have Nothing To Lose, And Everything To Gain! Order now through a safe and secure transaction gateway and you will have Video Niche Finder in a matter of minutes. It is that easy. So no waiting for a long time, but instant access! Click the button below to order now... Trust me when I say this: you're going to be thanking me for years to come.
Video Niche Finder

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Video Niche Finder

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All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Q: Minimum Requirements
A: Windows OS (2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8) with 512MB RAM, Mac will have to run this on Parallels and .NET Framework 4.0 Full is needed in order to run this software.

Q: I have not received any email acknowledging my purchase
A: Please check your paypal email for the login details.

Q: Does it need proxies?
A: No it doesn't

Q: Where the search volume data comes from?
A: As YouTube Keyword Tool has been closed by Google, we scrape the search volume using third party websites.

Q: How many PCs can this software run?
A: The license only valid for 1 PC, but you can request to reset the license via support ticket if you would like to move the software to other computer without having to buy another license.

Q: Where can I get support?
A: Please submit a ticket here http://automaticbot.com/support

Q: Are there any OTOs?
A: No. No OTOs.

Q: Do you have refund policy?
A: We don't accept "I bought it by mistake" or "This isn't for me". Please read the sales letter and watch the demo video to learn how the software works. If the software doesn't run on your computer, I will gladly refund you in 30 days. But your license and member area will be deactivated.